Miso Vegan

Haven’t gone vegan yet? Well, miso lucky for you The Anol Vegan wasn’t always either.

Mushroom stock:
3 cup water
1 oz dried shitake mushrooms

Put water and mushrooms in bowl
Soak overnight in the fridge
Strain liquid through cheesecloth lined sieve

Kombu Stock:
4 cups water
.5 oz kombu

Bring water to simmer
Add kombu
Cover pot with lid, remove from heat and allow kombu to steep for 1 hour.
Strain liquid through cheesecloth lined sieve

Mix both liquids together. Congratulations, you now have vegan Dashi.

Miso Soup:
2 tablespoons dried wakame seaweed
1 green onion thinly sliced
3 oz tofu quartered
Dashi stock
2 tablespoons red miso

Place seaweed in small bowl, add water and let rehydrate.
Thinly slice green onion, cut tofu into small square pieces.
Bring dashi to a simmer.
Use metal sieve to dissolve miso into dashi (view video on instagram if having trouble. Words are hard)
Add seaweed and tofu into bowl, pour in soup, top with green onion.
Slurp til’ you can’t slurp no more.

Now it may seem hard to believe what with my acting career, various serving jobs, and vegan food blog, but I’m really terrible at math. My high school had an optional eighth period where we could go ask for a teachers assistance. So you bet your ass I used to stroll in every day saying ‘Hey, when you entered the equation and got the graph on the calculator, yours looked like this and mine looked like kasjdhgkjahs.’ Or something to that effect.

Eighth period kept me afloat until senior year, precalculus. It was straight up NOT a good time. Luckily. I had a math teacher who really wanted me to succeed, or at least pull a B- out of my ass.

Mrs. S was one of the most badass people I’ve ever met. One of the first teachers who treated us like adults, said what she felt, and took no shit. Not to mention she loved math (incredible) and loved vegan food.

She rarely gave extra credit opportunities so when she did you know I jumped at the chance. The assignment was to watch FORKS OVER KNIVES on netflix. Apparently this film was the reason why Mrs. S was vegan. Whatever, I didn’t have to do math so I was in no matter what. Little did I know this lifestyle would be the answer to a lot of my problems.

Up until this point, my senior year schedule had the same repetitiveness as Squiward living in Tentacle Acres. Most of it was pretty dreadful as it was going through the most mundane motions. Sure, I was going to graduate on time, sure I was getting help, but I was a sad little squid who certainly was not thriving.

When I put on the film I heard people talking about food in a way that was comforting. It was pitched as “compassionate fuel for the body.” I hadn’t been compassionate to anything in over a year. Not to others, certainly not to myself. Without sounding too hippy dippy, veganism was more than a change in diet, it was a new mindset.

I got through that math class, completed high school, and progressed enough to move to Chicago for college. Nothing happened overnight, these last eight years have been far from perfect. But veganism has remained a non judgemental compassionate friend the whole way through.

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