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The Anol Vegan is a narrative-driven food journal focused on vegan and veggie-forward dishes that are fit for any home chef to whip up. Punctuated with an effortless ingenuity and edgy writing style, these recipes are the most practical and down-right tasty dishes for any novice.

The history of The Anol Vegan is short and sweet. A little piece of math extra credit has since turned me vegan since I was about eighteen. I met Greer about three years ago (2017). Until I met her I primarily was cooking and eating for one. But once we started dating, cooking vegan food quickly became an obsession for two. I desperately wanted her to think I could cook and that veganism was just as delicious as the food she had been eating before I graced her with my presence. She is my inspiration and nothing makes me happier than cooking her something she enjoys.

So, The Anol Vegan was born. It’s not only a way for us both to cook together, but also share what we both love about vegansim with others. We hope you find something on here to enjoy along the way.

*Anol just the tip: Where did the name Anol Vegan come from?

A few clever classmates in elementary school combined my first and last name (Alex Nolen) to bless me with the nickname Anol. Lucky for them I’ve embraced it to the fullest.

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