Crispy addiction

A snack so good, it’s hard to not be addicted. If you don’t devour them all in one sitting, I recommend storing in an airtight container at room temperature. This will keep the chickpeas the most crisp.

15 oz can of chickpeas
6 tablespoons vegetable oil for frying
salt pepper and garlic powder to season

Drain and rinse chickpeas.

Lay chickpeas out on a dish cloth and let dry for a couple hours.  This helps them fry up nice and crispy.

Heat oil in a saucepan.

Carefully add chickpeas, stirring frequently. You will soon be able to hear the chickpeas crisp up in the pan. I recommend periodically taste testing the chickpeas until you reach your desired consistency.

Once crispy use a slotted spoon and transfer chickpeas to a bowl.

Immediately season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. (These are the seasonings I use when adding them to my Caesar salad, but feel free to get creative if you are making them for a snack). 

Viewing Highlight Number 2: Nurse Jackie
Yes, yes, you’re right I’ve already gushed about Edie Falco in the Sopranos. But this is what I do. I watch a series, become obsessed with an actor, watch everything they are in, while watching I find someone else to obsess about and the cycle goes on and on.

Watching Nurse Jackie after the Sopranos was the ultimate chef’s kiss. Edie Falco steps into the spotlight with ease and this show is the perfect blend of funny and f*cked up. There are some moments in this show where my jaw truly dropped, my little heart broke (the driver’s license oh my god), and my ass fell my chair I was laughing so hard.

The show also formally introduced me to Merritt Wever (my current number 1).  She’s so good as Zoey it almost makes me mad. Almost as mad as I was at myself for watching this show too fast. I can’t wait to watch this one again.

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