Deja brew

Cold brew saves the day before it even starts.

80 Grams whole coffee beans (if you don’t have a kitchen scale it comes to about 1 ⅓ ground coffee)
3 cups of cold filtered water

Grind your coffee into a coarse grind as they produce the best cold brew. If you don’t have a grinder at home, a pre-ground coffee will do the trick.

Add grounds to a quart sized mason jar and add water.

Stir mixture so the grounds get equally exposed to the water.

Put a lid on the container and refrigerate for 16-24 hours.

To strain, add paper filter to a small sieve, pour the coffee through the filter and into a new container. Compost the excess grounds if you can.

To serve, fill glass with ice, add coffee concentrate and some water/vegan creamer to taste.

Have a wonderful morning.

Do you remember your first cup of coffee? Or better yet, the first time you needed a cup of coffee?

With almost ten years on the other side, I can reflect on just how nuts high school schedules were. Wake up early. Eat breakfast. Shower (maybe). Throw on uniform. Bust out the door. Finish up that homework assignment in the hall. Get to homeroom by 7:50 am. Go to periods 1-4. Head to Lunch. Finish that last bit of homework. Trot to periods 5-7. Throw in some AP subjects (shout out to that 5 I got in psych and the 2 I got in english). Extracurriculars. Homework. Dinner. More homework. Bed. Just to do it all over again the next day.

The hard work did get me to Chicago, but looking back I realize that I put way too much stress on myself. But theatre during my upperclassmen years saved me as much as veganism did. It helped me express emotions I suppressed. It gave me a safety net and pushed me in new directions. I could write a paper on how the universe presents me with roles that gave me answers to obstacles in my everyday life, but I’m saving that for my memoir.

As much as I loved theatre, it did add yet another thing to my already long enough to do list. During my senior year I was cast as Dolly Levi in THE MATCHMAKER. Try to contain your laughter on that one. At 18, trying to understand the mind of a 70 year old while also cramming for a physics test wasn’t necessarily ideal.

To accommodate the workload the show entailed, I had to wake up even earlier than usual. Coffee held my hand the whole way. These mornings turned out to be some of my favorites. No bad days when they’ve barely started. A perfect world all my own.

Coffee continues to get me out of bed to this day. It’s the first thing Greer and I think about in the morning. Coffee helps us create perfect little mornings of our own. Hopefully this cold brew will take you to your own oasis too.


©The Anol Vegan 2021