Hot like sauce

What started as an intimate night quickly turned into one extroverted outing of a weekend. The best days in Chicago are ones that bring the heat, just like these wings.

-1 15.5 oz can chickpeas
-¾ cup vital wheat gluten
-¼ cup plus 1 tablespoons veggie broth
-Almond milk
-Egg replacer
-Vegetable oil for frying
-Buffalo sauce
Ranch from vegan pantry by miyoko

Combine chickpeas, vital wheat gluten, and veggie broth in food processor

Transfer mixture into a bowl and form into bite size pieces

To dredge, dunk each piece first in almond milk, next dunk in ½ flour ½ cornstarch mixture, next dunk in an egg replacer and finally back in your flour/cornstarch mixture

Heat oil in skillet to fry
Fry on each side, about four minutes a side

Toss in buffalo sauce and serve

Last year Greer and I participated in a silent auction during a fundraising event for a dear friend of ours. While we placed our bets down on a few different prizes, we truly had our eyes on one grand event, a free hotel stay at a hotel in downtown Chicago. Now, you would think others might have their sights set out on the spa outing or new set of golf clubs but we were sadly mistaken. Not only did we have an all out auction battle with other friends of ours but additional strangers as well. It was a long night, and after we placed our last bet we made our way home, thinking someone else might’ve snagged the staycation. When we got notice that we won, we didn’t know the events surrounding our hotel stay would make for one of our favorite summer days in Chicago.

Let me give you the itinerary.

Friday 11am- Greer and I check in. If you haven’t tried a staycation in the city you live, I highhhhhly recommend. An intimate little night where you can pamper yourself and not make the bed in the morning. You get to drink a little drink. Take a lil dip in the pool. Walk around in a robe. Take a bath (be very careful about the water temperature or you might sit around the tub for hours completely naked because the water is too hot). Have friends stop by for dinner and drinks. Hell the hotel might even have a basketball court where you spend three hours talking smack only to play one on one and completely suck ass.

Saturday 8am- Woke up from our beautiful slumber. Little did you know that we planned our hotel reservation around an event where we had to be downtown. Did you know on Chicago’s riverfront they let just about anyone rent a boat? We met up with six dear friends of ours, watched the 2 minute boat how to video and set sail. We drank, we rode, and while the intimate details of what happened on that boat will forever remain between the crew,  let’s just say after the 2 hour boat ride I had enough mimosas in me to feel no pain.

Saturday 1pm- Greer and I arrive home and enter drunk 1pm limbo. What to do, what to do? Nap? Ride it out? Is there some place we can go? We check our phones. BINGO! There’s a White Sox game at 5 o’clock. We even have enough time to nap. Just for a whittle bit. We arrive drunk off the spontaneity and champagne. The drunkenness definitely validated our decision to spring for tickets that landed us right behind home plate. While I maybe nursed one beer the whole nine innings, (it’s a marathon not a sprint) I did find a way to manage spending almost $200 at the team shop. You already know I needed a $40 muscle tee.

Saturday 9pm- Can’t go home now, we need we more beer. And more friends. Where are the friends? Oh thank goodness the friends are at a bar. Hop on the redline and zoomed to meet the peeps. We danced, played darts, and drank the night away.

Finally arrived back home. Thankful for the summer heat.

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